Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holliday Park Hauntless Halloween

Take one talking tick. Add in a boisterous box turtle. Throw in an outgoing opossum and what do you have?!?! A post just slightly more far-fetched than the last one Janet put up (how cool is that herbivorous spider, by the way!)

These creatures were part of the recipe for the annual Hauntless Halloween event put on at Holliday Park this year. Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday families braved central Indiana's first blast of autumn air to hike the candlelit trails and meet some woodland creatures who had come alive for the evening.
Tyler T. Turtleweather- check out my carapace!

Opal Opossum- silly humans, I don't hang by my tail! That's what my hallux is for.

Sally Salamander- always wanting to show off pictures from when she was a larvae.

American Dog Tick- no Lyme disease here. Those Deer Ticks give us all a bad name.

After learning about each creature (a turkey vulture also shared her natural history- the kids loved hearing how she goes to the bathroom on her legs to stay cool), participants headed back up to the nature center to warm up by the campfire, roast marshmallows and test their creativity with some fall crafts.
Over 400 people were able to enjoy the event thanks to help from dozens of volunteers and Indy Parks staff. A huge thanks to everyone- we couldn't do it without you!!

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