Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indy Big Sit 2009!

A day to bird, eat and socialize. What could be better!
Where: Next to the brand spankin' new Eagle Creek Ornithology Center within Eagle Creek Park on the northwest side of Indianapolis, IN
When: Sunday, Oct 11th from 8am-6pm.
Bring a dish to share, if you would like. Come for all day or just hang out for a little while.
We will be birding within a 17 foot circle, counting whatever birds we see. Plus, getting to know other birders and having a grand ol' time. Also, check out the new Eagle Creek Ornithology Center. Fabulous! Hope to see you there!


Janet Creamer said...

Sorry folks, the blogger monkeys keep taking the spaces out of my post. No idea why. So I apologize for the spacing, but cannot fix it :(

Tricia said...

Hey Janet, I don't see anything at all wrong with your post, it shows up fine here, hope you guys get lots of birds today, the weather is beautiful here...

Scott said...

Yeah, it's very frustrating putting together a long post only to find that Blogger messes up the formatting. I often try to fix it in HTML, but I don't know HTML that well.