Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue-faced Meadowhawk

A couple a weeks ago, we had a few visitors at our pond at Southeastway Park. They were Blue-faced Meadowhawks, Sympetrum ambiguum, and they were the first ones I had seen at the park. So beautiful! I just love their little blue "noses". At the time I had shot a few pictures, but sadly they all turned out blurry. When my friend John Howard sent me a shot he took in Ohio, I was delighted and knew I needed to share these amazing creatures.


Scott said...

Cool. I have never spent any time trying to distinguish between different species of meadowhawks, but the White-faced Meadowhawk and Blue-faced Meadowhawk sure seem like they would be easy to identify, if you can get a look at the insect head on. Thanks for giving me incentive to spend more time trying to learn these interesting dragonflies!

dAwN said...

What a very cool Meadowhawk!

Steve B said...

This is a beautiful dragon. We do not get this species here in Massachusetts.