Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Species Discovered In Indianapolis

Breaking News! A new species has been recently discovered in Eagle Creek Park by scientists. Sightings of this rare specimen have been reported for months, but finally photos with clear distinguishing marks have been found.

This new discovery, named the Duck-o-dile (Consumus muchcarbus), has already raised cause for alarm. An elderly woman was recently hospitalized after trying to feed the creature. It did not physically hurt her, the animal was actually quite docile, but caused her to collapse from exhaustion. Mrs. Ima Berder, reported feeding the Duck-o-dile white bread crumbs on a recent visit to the park. In her statement to authorities, she said "I just couldn't keep up, it kept following me around, quacking at me and crying big tears, wanting more bread."

The Duck-o-dile can be recognized by its stocky brown body, webbed feet and large toothed snout. It can swim quite well, but has some difficulty walking due to the weight of its enormous head.

Authorities are watching this species closely. Though not a problem at this time, if the Duck-o-dile population spreads Indianapolis could face future bread shortages throughout the city.StumbleUpon

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