Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Environmental Adventure Day

Naturalist extrordinaire Frank Rouse from Holliday Park is teaching about a Black Rat Snake.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I have been extremely busy because yesterday, Tuesday, April 29th, was our Environmental Adventure Day! This is a event for Franklin Township Schools in Indianapolis. Our awesome twenty-one presenters taught a huge variety of topics like snakes, birds, the water cycle, bees, wildlife rehabilitation, wildflowers, trees, orienteering and the list goes on and on. Teachers have an opportunity to visit five stations with their class. The weather was great, though a little chilly, and a good time was had by all. Below are some shots from the special day!

Shane Gibson from Bradford Woods teaching Nature's Adaptations to Ms. Geimer's class. They are playing the game Quick Frozen Critters learning about predator and prey interactions.

Southeastway's own Miranda Sears was so dedicated she came in on her day off to help with EAD. She is teaching Ms. Sutherlin's class about Mammals.

Outreach Naturalist Jay Powell is looking for treasure with Ms. Sommer's class.

Mary Hayes, State Coordinator for Project Wild is showing Ms. Sommer's class a millipede they discovered under a log.

Jackie Hill from the Franklin Township branch of Indianapolis-Marion County library discussed the book "Wolves, Chickens and Pancake Fun". A student from Ms. Sutherlin's class is leaping to catch a pancake.

A giant, giant thank you to all the presenters who came out for our day. We could not do it without you! Thanks to: Kathleen Prough, Elizabeth Schleicher, Jeff Ward, Amy Dirks, Jenny Woolsen-Helrigel, Miranda Sears, Bill Pfeifer, Mary Hayes and Scott Salmon, Rachel Quigley, Joe Schmid, Shane Gibson and his staff Sheryl and Matt, Brittany Wierda, Roy Ballard, Karen Johnstone, Jay Powell, Jackie Hill, Frank Rouse, Jerry Wheeler, Jeff Jones, and Michelle Manker and Amy Hodge. A special thanks to volunteer Norm Lauffer and Park Manager Chris Martini for directing and helping with set-up and take-down.


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