Sunday, April 21, 2013

Last Post-New Blog

With lots of careful thought and consideration, I have decided to no longer write the Indy Parks Nature Blog.  Hopefully, one of my co-workers will want to continue it.  Since Eric and I are traveling more and visiting many cool places and I would like to share that with my readers, I have decided to start a  new blog.  When I get it up and running, I will add the link to it here.  I thank all of you for reading and   supporting this blog.  My new blogs name will be "Meanderings". I still plan to cover many Indy Parks items, but it will also cover places abroad.  Check back later for more information.

Finally the new blog is up! My new blog can be found here.



Dawn Fine said...

Good luck with your new blog venture!

Janet Creamer Martin said...

Thanks, Dawn!

blogger said...

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Trees Planet said...

A writer like where ever you write must be great. Best of luck.
Trees Planet