Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Your Same Old Song and Dance

I was checking out Alex Wild's Myrmecos blog. If you like insects and spiders like I do, you will thoroughly enjoy it. So do check it out.

Anyway, Alex had this video posted about jumping spiders and their mating habits. Absolutely fascinating!!! The male will dance and "sing" for the females by vibrating his legs and abdomen in a fast-paced syncopated dance not unlike a Flamenco dancer. I have already watched it four times because I think it is sooo cool!



OpposableChums said...

Amazing. So much we don't know.

Nina said...

I have always loved jumping spiders. Now I love them even more!

Janet Creamer said...

Thanks Nina and Jason. So many fascinating things to learn about our natural world.

Tom said...

Very, very cool Janet!

Jim McCormac said...

That's an amazing vid - thanks for sharing it!