Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shtinky Puddin' the Stinkpot Turtle

Over the weekend, I visited the Upper Fall Creek Loop trail. While there, I was exploring around some of the rocks and found this critter. This is a Common Musk Turtle, otherwise known as a Stinkpot, Sternotherus odoratus.

Shtinky Puddin' (a character from the Mutts cartoon) is what I decided to call her. Oh, she looks innocent enough, looks almost sweet. Don't let her fool you! Yep, after checking her out for a bit, she let loose a foul stench not unlike one you would find at a frat party chili cookoff. Whew! Not very lady-like...
How do I know she is a female, you might ask? Well, her plastron, or bottom shell is flat. Males will be slightly concave. Also, I found her on land. Stinkpots are usually aquatic except when the females venture on land to lay eggs.

After a few minutes of torture from the paparazzi, I let Lady Gag Me loose to finish her egg laying business. She was quite happy to wander off and my nose was quite happy she was on her way!StumbleUpon


Tom said...

Very nice Janet- It's been a while since I've seen a stinkpot. I had one as a pet one summer- they're really quite strange turtles that most people don't get to see!


Janet Creamer said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks! Wow, a pet? Phhew! Hope yours was much less stinky! :)

Jana said...

I never heard of this turtle. You came up with some funny names. Lady Gag Me. LOL.

Janet Creamer said...

Hi Jana! Good to hear from you. Hope I see you on a trip soon!