Monday, July 20, 2009

Massassauga Rattlesnake

I had a fun-filled weekend hanging out with friends in Ohio at Killdeer Plains. I had many lifers (things seen for the first time in one's life). One was a shockingly pink katydid which you can view at my friend Cheryl's blog and my friend Jim's blog. And then the Duke Skipper, found by my friend Jim Davidson and photographed by Warren Uxley.

But something I was really excited to see was this creature...

Massassauga Rattlesnake! What a beaut! Doug Wynn does research on these amazing animals and was driving by while we were out looking for butterflies. He was nice enough to show us what he had found.
This one was a pregnant female. Hopefully she will have lots of healthy babyMassassaugas!
Massassaugas are a smaller rattlesnake with a length of only 20-30 inches. (Timber Rattlesnakes can reach 36-60 inches). They are also known as "black snappers" according to Doug because of their reputation of "snapping" at things, which this one demonstrated nicely.
It is on Ohio and Indiana's endangered species list and is found only in a few isolated areas.
Thanks, Doug, for sharing your find!


heidi said...

Wow, I've only seen maybe three, ever (in Texas) and they're by far my favorite rattlesnake! I mean, not to play favorites, but they're so hard *not* to be absolutely thrilled about =) Thanks for sharing, and great pictures!

Jana said...

I must admit. It does have beautiful markings.