Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Bloggin' Naturalists

You might have noticed a few more names to the Contributor List of the blog. A few of my naturalist buddies have agreed to join and now we will have even more cool things to share. Dawn, Brittany and Andrea are out at Eagle Creek Park on the northwest side of town.
Frog Dawn is an expert on amphibians and reptiles and part of Frogwatch, so expect lots of cool posts on salamanders and frogs in the days ahead. Andrea is a real fungus and lichen buff. She likens the lichens! :) And Miss Brittany loves raptors and canids(wolves and coyotes). Adam is located at Holliday Park on the north-middle part of Indianapolis. He is the Assistant manager over there. I, Janet, am at Southeastway Park on the southeast side. I am really into birds and botany, and bugs, but like about anything nature related. We might have a few more join us along the way, and I will introduce them as they come on board. Welcome, everyone!StumbleUpon

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