Saturday, October 11, 2008

Environmental Adventure Day

Yesterday was Environmental Adventure Day at Southeastway Park. It is a big event we put on for Franklin Township Schools. Teachers are invited to come out to the park to enjoy an entire day focused on nature. And what a gorgeous day that was!! Unbelievable weather, I could not have asked for a better day!! Eighteen knowledgeable presenters taught sessions on birds, pond life, trees, reptiles, water cycle, recycling and more. Each teacher's class visited five stations during the day.

Since duty called and I taught the sessions on insects, my co-worker Miranda Sears photodocumented the days activities for me.

"Good Morning, boys and girls!!!!!" Chris Martini belted out to welcome the crowd of 425 students and 60 plus adults. Eighteen classes representing five schools visited the park yesterday.

Michele Conyer, Outreach Naturalist, taught a session on Extirpated Animals. The children kicked off their shoes and plopped down on plush furs to enjoy a fascinating walk through time.

Here is a Smilodon skull that Michele brought with her. How cool is that! Saber-toothed Tiggggrrrrr!!! Yep, I wouldn't have wanted to encounter one of those, no siree!

Roy Ballard from Hancock County Purdue Extension taught a session on plants and how they prepare for winter. The children went on a hike and learned all about seed dispersal, leaf loss and adaptations that assure the plant's survival.

Andrea Hopper, naturalist at Eagle Creek Park, taught a session on Reptiles and Amphibians. Here she is holding a box turtle and explaining all about its unique behaviors.
Jeff Jones from Purdue University 4-H Extension taught students how to use binoculars then they went on a walk to look for animal signs.
Thanks to all the presenters and volunteers that made this happen! We couldn't have done it without you!!! A special thanks to Anderson Orchard and Papa John's Pizza for their generous food donations!

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Linsi said...

Sounds like it was an awesome day! I'm sad I couldnt be there!