Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bug Fest 2008!

All those bugs buzzin' 'round your head -Flaming Lips

Bugs! Summer is a great time to see all the cool bugs that live in Indianapolis. There is such a huge variety of bugs and so many cool things to learn about them. And if you spend any time reading my blog, you will know I LOVE 'em. And bugs are the focus for our upcoming festival, Bug Fest, on August 24th, from 1pm-5pm. If you like creepy crawlies and are fascinated with butterflies, dragonflies, scorpions, tarantulas, etc.. then this is the place for you. Right down my alley!

Bug Fest is a family oriented event that we have been putting on at Southeastway for years. In fact, this will be our 16th year! We have crafts, games, exhibits, all kinds of things for the whole family. Try some of our edible bugs at the Bug Cafe' or try your luck at cricket spitting. Tour our butterfly tent filled with native butterflies. Taste some local honey. See how to tie fishing flies made by the Indianapolis Flycasters. Catch critters with dip nets in our pond. Earn a PhB, an honorary degree in Bugology. And the best part-It's FREE!

So mark your calendars for Sunday August 24th and bring the whole family out to Bug Fest!

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