Monday, May 26, 2008

Peregrine Update

Oh the little ones are growing up so fast! If you haven't checked out the Peregrine Falcon Cam on the Indy Star website, please do. Here is a pic of the new ones, now. They have all been given a shiny new bracelet or band with a identification number and they have all been named.

Magee - a male with band E/87. He is named after John Gillespie Magee, an American fighter pilot. He wrote the poem "High Flight" while serving overseas and sent it to his parents. This was the poem Ronald Reagan quoted after the Challenger 7 disaster. He was killed three months after penning the poem. You can find the poem here.

Edna - a female with band *P/*W. Named after Edna Parker who is now the oldest living human in the world as documented by the Guinness Book of World Records, was born and raised in Indiana and still lives in Shelbyville. She is 115 years and about 1 month old (WOW!!!). She was born on April 20th.

Adira - a female with band *P/*X. This name has both Hebrew and Arabic origins and means majestic, mighty and strong.

Val - a female with band *P/*Y. This name was chosen in honor of Val Nolan, Jr. a noted ornithologist at Indiana University who passed away this spring. He has contributed to publications such as The Birds of North America, The Auk, Current Ornithology and many others. To view Dr. Nolan's body of work, go to

Good luck little guy/gals! You'll be flying high in no time!


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